Welcome to NovembAIR, a plein air challenge for the month of November!

In the spirit of Mr. Jake Parker's fantastic Inktober Initiative plus some inspiration from the amazing James Gurney, NovembAIR is for anyone who wants to practice drawing, painting, or otherwise depicting the world we live in. But it's not just practice: It's learning how to make quick decisions and build confidence in your ability to work from observation. Maybe you'll even reconnect with your surroundings and learn something new about them!

(Don't worry, though, you don't have to go outside if you don't want to, or are unable to. You can look outside of a window, or use a photograph. No source policing here!)

Look at a building, a field, a statue, the sky, anything, as long as it exists outside in the world. Draw for 5 or 10 minutes, an hour, even all day if you want! Use the optional weekly prompts below to get your mind going.

Post every day, every other day, once a week, whatever you're able to do! Just remember to use the following hashtags when you post so we can all see your awesomeness: #novembair #novembair2017


P.S. Be cool, everyone. You're not being forced to do anything you don't want to. Don't burn yourself out, and don't rag on other people. No, not even on Twitter, please.