Q. What's all this about?

This is a project dedicated to the delightfully adorable concept of dogs in costume, smushed together with solid dose of nerdy knowledge. I got the idea when my partner & I finally adopted a dog and I realized that two of my greatest loves, dogs & history, were a match made in art heaven. I knew there were tons of people and other artists who love dogs, so I figured, why not make a book and donate any profits to the American Civil Liberties Union?

Q. What's inside the zine itself?

The book will be a collection of full page, full color illustrations, paired with a brief description of the historical figure, dog, or time period from which the illustration is derived.

Q. How much will the zine cost?

Print copies will be $20. Watermarked digital copies will be $5. A bundle containing both versions will be $23. Domestic shipping will be $3 and international shipping will be $5. Preorders are now closed. Orders will ship in August 2017.

As a note, if your shipping address changes after you've put in your order, email me using the Contact form with your new address and order number. Your order will be shipped as soon as I receive your updated address.

Q. And then what?

Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Any updates will be posted as the project progresses using the hashtag #HistoricalPoochesZine.

Q. Can I ask another question?

Visit the Contact page with your questions!

Q. What does your dog look like?

Like this! She's a beagi (corgi/beagle mix) rescue from the Elyria Friendship APL!