Q. What's all this about?

This is a project dedicated to the delightfully adorable concept of dogs in costume, smushed together with solid dose of nerdy knowledge. I got the idea when my partner & I finally adopted a dog and I realized that two of my greatest loves, dogs & history, were a match made in art heaven. I knew there were tons of people and other artists who love dogs, so I figured, why not make a book and donate any profits to the American Civil Liberties Union?

Q. Who are you?

Hi! My name is Lauren and I'm an illustrator living in Ohio.

Q. What's inside the zine itself?

The book will be a collection of full page, full color illustrations, paired with a brief description of the historical figure/dog or time period from which the illustration is derived.

Q. Can I participate?

Submissions for artists will be open from March 4th through 11th, 2017. Please email me at lauren@laurenchaikin.com with the following:

  1. “Historical Pooches Zine Artist Submission” in the Subject Line

  2. Name

  3. Online portfolio -OR- attach three (3) 72 DPI JPEG or PNG images of your best finished work, with the shortest side at 500px.

Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered, so PLEASE make sure you have everything before you hit “Send”!

Q. What does an artist on this book need to know/do if they are selected?

I will provide two lists with a selection of:

  1. Real historical figures

  2. Real historical dogs

Your job is to pick either a historical figure and depict them as a dog, or depict real historical dogs. For example, Queen Victoria loved pugs, so you could make Queen Victoria a very royal, very unamused pug. Likewise, if you chose Hachiko or Balto, you can tell their story in any media or style as long as it's a singular illustration on one page. Be free!

Once a subject is chosen, it'll be crossed off the list and cannot be picked by anyone else. This ensures a nice variety! This will be on a first come, first serve basis. Every artist will be asked initially to pick their top three (3) choices. The sooner you respond, the better your chances!

All that said, if you have another idea, run it by me first & I'll see if it fits in with the project!

Selected artists will be notified by email by March 22nd. If you are selected, your piece will be due by May 6th. Specs are as follows:

  1. 300 DPI

  2. Flattened TIFF or PSD

  3. 5.5” W x 8.5” H with 1/8” bleed area on all sides (For full-page pieces, please make sure the edges of your image extend out to the 1/8” bleed edge.)

And no, you don't have to write anything if you don't want to! I'll be doing the writing, page layout and typography in addition to contributing a piece myself.

Also, selected artists will receive the following for their contribution:

  1. Your name and website or blog in a list of credits in the back of the book.

  2. A contributor's copy of the printed book and a non-watermarked digital copy.

  3. The amazing feeling of contributing to an organization that works hard every day to uphold inalienable human rights and freedoms.

Q. How much will the zine cost?

Print copies will be $20. Watermarked digital copies will be $5. A bundle containing both versions will be $23. Domestic shipping will be $3 and international shipping will be $5. Preorders will open in April 2017.

As a note, if your shipping address changes after you've put in your order, just email me at lauren@laurenchaikin.com with your new address and order number. Your order will be shipped as soon as I receive your updated address.

Q. And then what?

Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I'll be posting updates as the project progresses.

Selected artists, I'll be in touch through email with promotional materials and such that I would very much like for you to share on your social media feeds. I will be choosing one or two early pieces as promotional images. The hashtag to use will be #HistoricalPoochesZine.

Q. Can I ask another question that I don't see here?

Email me at lauren@laurenchaikin.com with anything else you need to know!

Q. What does your dog look like?

Like this!

Thank you for your time and have an awesome day!